Burhan Nagarwala, Is a MFA Artist, by expressing his deep emotions he creates outstanding representation of his thoughts. With His Inspiration from traveling allover india he puts his soul into the artwork. He is compelled to relate and express the power, grace, beauty, energy and soul of the horse and human spirit in his artworks.

His paintings are the illustration of his feeling. For him, art is something that doesn’t have a simple definition. The objective of his art is to express love and kindness with the thing that he created. His art is his voice, a powerful interpretation of his deepest thought, hidden emotion and the strongest desires.

He loves to show wonders with the art. By having clean, new ideas that changes as often as the patterns formed by clouds. His preferred color choice is BLACK so most of his works are done in Charcoal and Oil. His motto is to reach everyone, to make a simple life into something special because everyone deserves a piece of reminding them of happiness in their life.

Art is created with the spirit and soul of what we see. Our perspective is to create awareness because every art has hidden message towards reality.Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own persona into his painting. In the same way, Burhan has served hard atcatching up with work and have enjoyed being able to acquire his own ideas creatively over the last 15 years.